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Midnite Solar, MNEMS4448PAE-2CL250, Inverter System, Pre Wired - Off Grid

  • Model: MNEMS4448PAE-2CL250
  • Manufactured by: Midnite Solar
  • Condition: New
  • Estimated Delivery: Jun 25th - Jul 1st
  • In Stock

$10,308.48 $7,929.60

Manufacturer Info

Magnum 120/240VAC System.
Off Grid.
4400 Watt/48VDC Inverter.
Classic 150 charge controller

ME-AGS-N - If Auto Generator Start module is needed please add "ME-AGS-N" as a separate line item

  • Environmental Rating - Type 1 (Indoor)
  • The Whizbang Jr (MNWBJR) current sense module for Classic provides battery state of charge and is included with this product.
  • MNE175STM -240 white steel E-Panel
  • Magnum MS4448 4400 watt 120/240 volt inverter / charger
  • Magnum ME-ARC50 Remote
  • Classic 150 charge controller
  • Two MNEDC panel mount breakers
  • 175 amp Battery Main Breaker
  • DC-GFP - built into the Classic
  • Arc Fault Detector - built into the Classic
  • ThreeMNSPD-300-DC (Surge Protection Devices)
  • General labor for assembly, test and crating
  • MidNite BTS
  • Magnum BTS
  • Warranty - All MidNite components have a 5 year warranty. Magnum Inverters and components are covered by Magnum's manufacturers warranty.
  • Made in the USA
  • Listed by ETL for US & Canada
  • Price includes crating
  • Hope I have all the parts! | Download
  • Magnum (MS4448 120/240VAC) MNE240 SeriesOwner's Manual | Download
  • MNEMS4448PAE-CL200-REVD | Download
  • MNEMS4448PAE-CL250-REVE | Download
  • MNEMS4448PAE-2CL150-REVE | Download
  • MNEMS4448PAE-2CL200-REVE | Download
  • MNEMS4448PAE-2CL250-REVE | Download
  • MNEMS4448PAE-CL150-REVF | Download
Our pre wired e-panels can be ordered with any of Magnum or Outback's Inverters. Please contact us for a quote if the Inverter model you need is not listed.

NOTE: MidNite does not warranty Magnum components.

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