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Vanner Inc, IT12-2000, Industrial Tru-Sinewave Inverter, 12V 2000 Watt

  • Model: IT12-2000
  • Manufactured by: Vanner Inc
  • Condition: New
  • Estimated Delivery: 3 to 5 Days
  • Lead Time To Ship May Vary

$3,874.69 $2,980.53

Manufacturer Info

AC power using Vanner's TruSine most demanding applications. Run compressors, appliances, power tools, test equipment, pumps, lights, motors and more!

The Advantage of Pure Sine-wave Technology
Sine-wave output delivers the most power when you need it. at the peak. Power output at the peak of a sine-wave is double the RMS power as well as highly regulated, allowing motors to start easier and faster, and to run cooler and more efficiently.

Unlike other sine-wave inverters available today, the IT/ITE is an industrial grade heavy-duty inverter incorporating the advantages of High Frequency power switching technology with the durability and reliability of MOSFET Coupled Transformer technology. The IT/ITEsine-wave output waveform is not distorted under any load - even the most waveform-sensitive instruments will operate more reliably than even utility power.

Customer Designed with You In Mind
The IT/ITE Industrial TruSine sine-wave inverter is packed with the features and performance you asked for. The installation is easy, the unit's operation is simple, and the design is robust to provide you with years of trouble-free service.

IT/ITE Inverters - Virtually Maintenance Free
The days of oil changes, carbon removals, exhaust fumes, noise, vibration and starting hassles are gone! The IT/ITE Industrial TruSine system not only saves money on maintenance costs, but saves downtime caused by attending to the needs of highmaintenance engine generators.

TruSine Technology Sine-wave AC Power
The quality of TruSine sine-wave output sets the industry standard for output precision. You won't see a multi-stepped output wave found on other inverters. With less than a 4% harmonic distortion you have worry-free AC load compatibility.

Simple Installation
Every step in the installation process has been carefully thought through. Front access to DC, AC and control connections eliminates the awkward preconnection approach used by other manufacturers to install inverters into vehicle compartments.

No Special Equipment Required
The IT/ITE Industrial TruSine sine-wave inverter doesn't require any bulky or difficult-to-install special alternators commonly found on belt drive AC power systems. You also won't have to worry about voiding any manufacturer's engine warranties, since the IT/ITE doesn't require expensive, cumbersome alternators or brackets.

Automatic Throttle Control
The IT/ITE is a "thinking inverter". The automatic throttle control provided by the integral Vanner VoltGuard low battery voltage actuator gives you maximum power and run time when your vehicle is equipped with a Vanner automatic throttle system (part no. 73-46). Now the inverter is truly an integrated part of your truck's electrical system, optimizing the truck's perfomance while minimizing cost.

Tested for Safety
Vanner IT/ITE Industrial T ruSine sine-wave inverters have been tested for safety by Underwriters Laboratories and listed to UL 458 for land mobile vehicles. Vanner ITE Industrial Truesine Export models are CE certified

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