MasterVolt 83007021 BI 702-S

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  • Model: 83007021
  • Manufactured by: Mastervolt
  • Condition: New
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    Many on board installations consist of two or more batteries which supply power to 12 or 24V equipment separately from each other. Naturally this means that the charge system also has to be divided. This makes a charger system more complicated because either the Mastervolt alternator or battery charger will have to recharge the batteries individually.

    Best and safest results can be achieved by using a high-quality Mastervolt battery isolator for the tailored supply of charge current to several batteries. This reliable solution allows simultaneous charging of two batteries from an alternator and/or battery charger without connecting the batteries together. Because of this the charge current becomes isolated meaning it is prevented starter batteries and the ones supplying the lightning and bowthruster drain each other while output is optimal.

    At the same time dangerous situations are avoided. The distribution of the charge current takes place with minimum energy loss. The design of the equipment and the applied technology guarantee you optimum safety and extremely reliable operation even under the most difficult conditions. You can also use the electronic Battery Mate which has minimal voltage drop.
    General specificationsGeneral specifications
    Number of battery outlets2
    Dimensions hxwxd157 x 140 x 80 mm 6.2 x 5.5 x 3.1 inch
    Weight0.58 kg 1.3 lb
    Technical specificationsTechnical specifications
    Max. output battery charger25/50 A
    Max. output alternator70 A
    Compensation diodeyes

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