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Vanner Inc, IT12-2400, Industrial Tru-Sinewave Inverter, 12V 2400 Watt

  • Model: IT12-2400
  • Manufactured by: Vanner Inc
  • Condition: New
  • Estimated Delivery: 3 to 5 Days
  • Lead Time To Ship May Vary

$4,337.78 $3,336.75

Manufacturer Info

  • True sine wave 120 volt AC output.
  • Total harmonic distortion less than 4% for all loads up to the Surge Output Rating.
  • Resilient electronic protection designed to handle output short circuits and output overloads.
  • Built-in Volt Guard Battery Voltage Monitor, providing ground control for an automatic throttle toinsure maximum alternator output when needed.
  • Load Demand Feature to conserve DC power under no load conditions.
  • 15 amp GFCI Duplex Receptacle.
  • Two AC output circuits (one GFCI protected) with individual circuit breakers.
  • Terminal block for hardwiring the AC outputs.
  • Automatic shutoff for low or high battery voltage, overload or over temperature.
  • Remote control circuit capable of single wire input (12 or 24 volt input) or 2 wire (12 volt signaland return).
  • Remote indicator light (LED) circuit to operate a remote inverter ON/OFF status LED.
  • Remote Low Battery Warning Circuit, providing ground control for a remote warning device whenbattery voltage falls to 11.0 (22.0) Volts DC.
  • Terminal block for wiring remote control, remote Inverter ON/OFF LED, remote Low DC Warningdevice and Auto Throttle control circuits.
  • Indicator lights for Auto Throttle Signal, Low Battery Warning, Low Battery Shutoff, Over
  • Temperature Shutoff, Overload and Inverter ON/OFF/Load Demand status.
  • All controls and wiring connections accessible from the front of the inverter.
  • Thermostatically controlled cooling intake fan.
  • Factory selectable Load Demand ON/OFF. (ON is standard.)
  • Factory selectable Five Minute Automatic Restart after shutdown due to fault. (OFF is standard.)
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