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AIMS Power, BATISOSW, Switch for Dual Sensing Battery Isolator

  • Model: BATISOSW
  • GTIN: 00840271007465
  • Manufactured by: AIMS Power
  • Condition: New
  • Estimated Delivery: May 23rd - May 29th
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Manufacturer Info

Switch for Dual Sensing Battery Isolator

This optional smart switch for the AIMS power dual sensing isolator allows for manual control linking the two batteries together with a push of a button. The isolator will manually operate allowing current to flow for 60 seconds without the alternator even if both batteries are below 12.7V. For the Dual Sensing Battery Isolator see part # BATISO300.

The Dual Sensing Smart Battery Isolator monitors both the starting battery and the auxiliary. If the unit detects that either battery has exceeded 13.2 volts, then the isolator will connect them. The benefit of the dual control enables the user to charge the main battery from a solar panel or battery charger on the auxiliary battery. When the entire battery system drops below 12.7 volts the solenoid opens and isolates the starter battery from the auxiliary battery. This ensures you never have a drained starter battery again.
  • A safe way to charge your auxiliary battery while driving
  • Cost-effective protection against a flat start battery
  • The Smart Battery Isolator monitors both battery voltages
The AIMS Power battery isolator primarily monitors the main starter battery voltage. Once either battery voltage reaches 13.2 volts, the solenoid automatically connects the auxiliary battery to the charging system.

  • System voltage: 12V
  • Auto-on voltage: >13.2V
  • Auto-off voltage: 12.7V
  • Turn on delay: 5 sec
  • Turn off delay: 10 sec
  • Max continuous current: 300 amp
  • Standby current: 5mA

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