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SMA, AC_SPD_KIT2_T1T2, AC Surge Protection For Stp50 (Core 1)

  • Model: AC_SPD_KIT2_T1T2
  • Manufactured by: SMA
  • Condition: New
  • Estimated Delivery: Apr 21st - Apr 27th
  • In Stock

$104.98 $80.75

Manufacturer Info

SMA offers surge protection device (SPD) modules for inverter AC and DC connections in either Type 2 or Type 1+2 protection levels to protect the inverter from sudden voltage surges and spikes caused by lightning or grid switching events. These SPD modules are completely field serviceable and may be added or replaced at any time during the PV system service life to help reduce costly downtime due to the damaging effects of transient events.

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