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Victron Energy, PSC123053095, Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger 12/30(3) 120-240V

  • Model: PSC123053095
  • GTIN: 08719076053491
  • Manufactured by: Victron Energy
  • Condition: New
  • Estimated Delivery: 6 to 8 Days
  • Lead Time To Ship May Vary

$519.35 $399.50

Manufacturer Info

Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger

With boat owners in mind this adaptive 5-step charger can provide either 30A or 50A of charge to each of three battery banks. Or the Phoenix 1+1 model provides 3A to the starter-battery, the rest to the house bank. 24V models are available with 16A/25A charge. Bluetooth enabled, you can monitor the charger and set alarms straight from your phone. Adaptive, intelligent, dynamic charge features.
  • Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger | Download
  • Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger 120-240V | Download

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