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Micro-Air, ASY-221-B22, Hydromatic I Control Board - Reverse Cyle - 230V
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Micro-Air, ASY-221-B22, Hydromatic I Control Board - Reverse Cyle - 230V

  • Model: ASY-221-B22
  • Manufactured by: Micro-Air
  • Condition: New
  • Estimated Delivery: 3 to 5 Days
  • Lead Time To Ship May Vary
  • Price: $1,120.68  $862.06
    Hydromatic I 2 Stage Control Board

    This is a favorite of professional and private captains for the high end yachts they pilot. They are particularly suited to the Aqua Air and Marine Air brand of marine air conditioning chillers.

    The Hydromatic I two stage control board is the classic, legacy control system for multistage marine chillers. Used for over 20 years in luxury yachts, it has weathered hundreds of thousands of A/C starts on hundreds of marine air conditioning chillers around the world.

    The Hydromatic I stands the test of time, in large part due to its simple and robust operation.

    • Integrated and configurable 115 or 240VAC/50-60Hz Logic Power Supply
    • Separate Control Power Supply input available (24/115/230VAC) to power contactors and valves
    • Supports up to 2 stages with individual compressor, electric heater, and reversing valve outputs
    • Isolated triac outputs for all AC control outputs
    • 8-Pin Display Interface
    • High and Low Pressure Safety Switch Inputs for each stage
    • Oil Pressure or Flow Switch Safety Inputs for each stage that can be use with individual Freezestats
    • Separate Service (condenser) Temp Sensor Inputs for each stage
    • Common Return and Supply Water Temp Sensor Inputs
    • Hydromatic I Chiller Operation Manual | Download

    • 9.75 x 6.5
    • Set Point Ranges: Heating 95o F to 118o F - Cooling: 42o F to 58o F
    • Staging Temperature Range (Heating and Cooling): 1 - 6 Degrees
    • Compressor Service Sensor Range: 25o F to 145o F
    • Failsafe Levels: 3 Levels
    • Sea Water Pump Cycle Time: Continuous or Cycle with Compressor
    • Line Voltage: 120/240 VAC Main Input
    • AC Aux. Input (for low voltage applications): 24 - 110 VAC (with external transformer)
    • Temperature Sensor Inputs: Micro-Air Sensor Only - NTC type 0-150t
    • Freon & Oil pressure Sensor Inputs: Normally Closed Dry Contact (SPST) - Contact rating: 50mA or better
    • Contactor Output Circuits: Type: SSR Triac Drive Circuits w/ Snubbers - Current: Each rated @ 5 A 12-250 VAC
    • Control Operating Current: Less than 500mA (all outputs off)
    Twenty-Four Volt Control Voltage
    Two Station Cooling Only
    • JMP 2 IN
    • PART NO. ASY-221-A15 115 VOLT
    • PART NO. ASY-221-A22 220 VOLT
    • PART NO. ASY-221-C15 115 VOLT 24 VOLT CONTROL
    • PART NO. ASY-221-C22 220 VOLT 24 VOLT CONTROL
    Two Station Reverse Cycle Heating & Cooling
    • JMP 2 OUT
    • PART NO. ASY-221-B15 115 VOLT
    • PART NO. ASY-221-B22 220 VOLT
    • PART NO. ASY-221-D15 115 VOLT 24 VOLT CONTROL
    • PART NO. ASY-221-D22 220 VOLT 24 VOLT CONTROL

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