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Outback Power, FP3 FXR3048A-300, FLEXpower THREE 9 kW, 48 VDC three-phase solution, triple FXR3048A-01, pre-wired AC and DC boxes with AC Bypass, 175 Amp DC breakers, 125 Amp charge controller breakers, 80 Amp PV breaker, HUB 10.3, RTS, FLEXnet DC and surge protectors, two FLEXmax 100 MPPT charge controllers, MATE3s and brackets. Listed to UL1741-SA

  • Model: FP3 FXR3048A-300
  • Manufactured by: Outback Power
  • Condition: New
  • Estimated Delivery: Jul 18th - Jul 24th
  • In Stock

$15,430.08 $11,869.29

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Outback Power, HUB4, Four Port, up to 4 devices and one MATE  $266.48 $204.98

Outback Power, HUB10.3, Ten Port with Sub-Phase Master Stacking, up to 10 devices and one MATE  $498.28 $383.29

Outback Power, MATE3s, Universal version required by (V)FXR and GS inverters, Dark gray square housing with Ethernet port  $684.45 $526.50

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Product Highlights
  • Factory tested, pre - wired and pre - configured systems
  • Fast installation - just hang on the wall with the bracket (included) and make connections
  • Off - grid and grid - tied functionality in one flexible system
  • Powerful system in a compact, space - saving footprint
  • Field - upgradable software
  • Ample AC and DC breaker provisions
  • In grid - tied or off - grid applications, stack up to nine inverter/chargers for three - phase power needs
  • GridZero technology effectively lets users “zero out” the utility grid if enough renewables are present, reducing or even eliminating grid dependence
  • Advanced Battery Charging (ABC) supports a wide range of battery technologies including lithium - ion
  • All components carry necessary ETL certifications
  • FLEXpower THREE FXR Datasheet | Download
  • 60Hz FXR (A) Series Datasheet | Download
  • 50Hz FXR (E) Series Datasheet | Download
  • FLEXmax 100 Datasheet | Download
  • MATE3s Datasheet | Download
  • Warranty Information - English / Spanish | Download
  • Warranty Information - French / German | Download
OutBack's pre - assembled and pre - wired FLEXpower systems are equipped with the OutBack FXR / VFXR Series inverter/chargers. This means that the most advanced inverter features are now available on the industry's most trusted and proven systems platform, for unmatched flexibility and value.
  • 3 models available for 120/208VAC applications, ranging from 9kW to 10.8kW
  • 50Hz/60Hz selectable for regional diversity
  • Programmable for seven different modes including GridZero ,which blends utility power and stored renewable energy, minimizing grid dependence; also support mode for seamless generator integration
  • Advanced Battery Charging (ABC) with expanded charging voltages and time parameters accommodates charging profiles of new and emerging storage technologies including lithium ion, and aqueous types
  • Field - upgradability eliminates system down - time for critical updates
  • Remote system control and monitoring available through any internet - enabled device with OPTICS RE
The FLEXpower THREE is ideal for three - phase power needs such as larger residential, farms and agricultural installations, light commercial applications including small businesses, stores and restaurants, and remote facilities, with all necessary components integrated into a compact hang - on - the - wall system with a minimal footprint.

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