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Kepco Power, ATE 15-6DM, 100 Watt, 1/4 Rack Power Supply, Digital LCD Display

  • Model: ATE 15-6DM
  • Manufactured by: Kepco Power
  • Condition: New
  • Estimated Delivery: 2 to 3 Weeks
  • Built to Order - This Product Cannot Be Cancelled Once Order Is Placed

$3,590.55 $2,761.97

Manufacturer Info

Series ATE linear power supplies are precision analog-controlled power supplies. They feature high gain and zeroable offsets to follow voltage signals or variable resistance controls precisely. An optional fast mode provides fast programming response into the mid audio range. The voltage and current channels are equally controllable with automatic crossover between modes. These power supplies offer ultra low noise and ultra low ripple at the output.

Series ATE is available in the following Models
  • Quarter-Rack (50 Watt) -- Size A
  • Quarter-Rack (100 Watt) -- Size B
  • Half-Rack (250 Watt) -- Size C
  • Three-Quarter Rack (500 Watt) -- Size D
  • Full-Rack (1000 Watt) -- Size E
  • Full-Rack (1000 Watt) with digital programming (Series ATE-DMG)
  • Series ATE | Download
Panel mounted meters allow monitoring of both channels. ATE models have digital displays (DM suffix); analog meters (suffix M) now have limited availability.

Local control of both channels is by panel-mounted 10-turn rheostats. Optionally, the front panel knobs can be replaced with locking-type screw-driver-adjustable controls by specifying models with suffix "L." Panel mounted LEDs indicate voltage or current mode operation. This information is simultaneously delivered as an optically isolated TTL-compatible flag signal accessible through the rear connector.

The tabulation of the effective series resistance and inductance in voltage mode and the effective shunt resistance and shunt capacitance in current mode shown in the Model table, is done to allow a calculation of the output impedance versus frequency.

ATE are CE Marked per the Low Voltage Directive (LVD), EN61010-1 and the EMC Directives. See applicable Declaration of Conformity and the Conditions of Conformance.

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