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Mastervolt, 48212130, Alpha 12/130

  • Model: 48212130
  • Manufactured by: Mastervolt
  • Condition: New
  • Estimated Delivery: 2 to 3 Weeks
  • Lead Time To Ship May Vary

$1,737.01 $1,336.16

Manufacturer Info

Alpha 12/130
  • Fast & complete charging of starter and service batteries.
  • Power supply for all consumers.
  • 12 V and 24 V versions.
  • 75 A to 150 A charge current.
  • Standard delivered with Alpha Pro MB charge regulator for an optimal performance and longer-lasting batteries.
  • Product Specifications | Download
Using a Battery Mate or battery isolator in conjunction with an Alpha alternator makes it possible to easily charge two or three separate battery sets simultaneously.

TIP: A second alternator on the main engine, combined with a larger battery bank and inverter, could be an alternative for a generator.

For all engine types
Alpha alternators are equipped with several fixations for customised alternator brackets, available from your installer or engine supplier. Some engine brands come with Mastervolt alternator brackets as an option.

Fast charging, even at a stationary rpm
Standard alternators only supply the specified capacity at a high rpm. The Mastervolt Alpha alternator is specifically designed for powerful charging, even with a low engine rpm.

Multigroove pulley
The 12/130 and 24/75 models are also available with a multigroove pulley.

Performs above 40 C
Forced cooling by fan operation of the pulley provides a lot of power in higher temperatures, especially close to the engine.
General specifications
Total charge current 130 A
Belt section 2xA
Isolated operation yes
Rotational direction 2
Mounting six o'clock
Dimensions see ‘Downloads’ for drawings
Weight 10,1 kg 22.3 lb
Technical specifications
Charge voltage Absorption 14,25 V
Charge voltage Float 13,25 V
Nominal diameter pulley 89 mm 3.5 inch

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