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Vanner Inc, 52-75, Battery Isolator, Schottky Medical Isolator 75 Amp Surge

  • Model: 52-75
  • Manufactured by: Vanner Inc
  • Condition: New
  • Estimated Delivery: 3 to 5 Days
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$137.04 $105.42

Manufacturer Info

Battery Isolators in Operation
Vanner battery isolators allow dual batteries to be charged from a single power source such as an alternator or battery charger. Due to the isolator's ability to pass current in only one direction, your first battery can be discharged without draining power from the second battery.

For example, a typical vehicle system may use one battery dedicated to the engine (starter, ignition, etc.) And the other battery dedicated to a DC to AC inverter. With the engine running, the alternator will supply charging current to both batteries. With the engine off, the DC to AC inverter could continue to operate, discharging the second battery. With a battery isolator operating in the system, the power would not be taken from the engine's battery, keeping it fully charged.

Vanner manufactures both silicon and Schottky type battery isolators. Both types utilize a special heat sink design for excellent heat dissipation and heavy-duty wiring terminals. Schottky battery isoltors are designed to reduce the voltage drop across the isolator's terminals, allowing a higher voltage, or charge, to be delivered to the battery. This is desirable in many vehicles where more power is required, and is mandated on ambulances that must meet the GSA's specification KKK-1822-D. Vanner battery isolators operate on both 12 and 24 volt DC electrical systems.

Silicon or Schottky Diode?
As current passes through an isolator, the diode type affects the voltage loss across it. A Schottky diode reduces the loss by one-half of a typical silicon diode.

Emergency Vehicle Applications
To prevent voltage spikes and surges caused by turning the battery switch off while the engine is running, please follow the GSA recommended wiring diagram on the reverse side. Vanner model 52-75 has been designed to meet the requirements for the 12 Vdc medical outlets stated in section of the GSA specification KKK-A-1822D.

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