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Vanner Inc, LSC12-1100, Lifesine Sinewave Inv/Chgr With Dc Pwr Sup - UL/ GSA K-Spec
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Vanner Inc, LSC12-1100, Lifesine Sinewave Inv/Chgr With Dc Pwr Sup - UL/ GSA K-Spec

  • Model: LSC12-1100
  • Manufactured by: Vanner Inc
  • Condition: New
  • This product is currently on Backorder.
    Expected Ship Date: December 18, 2023

  • Lead Time To Ship May Vary
  • Price: $2,072.69  $1,594.38
    Pure Sine Wave Power For the Most Demanding Conditions

    Since 1977, Vanner's products have been designed to exceed industry standards for safety and reliability. With more than three years of development and testing, the LifeSine is no exception. It's much more than an inverter that delivers 1100 watts of pure sine wave power. When plugged into shore power, the LifeSine functions as a 55 amp battery charger and a 20 amp DC power supply. All of these features, as well as Ignition Safety Interlocks comply with GSA, AMD, NFPA, and CAAS GVS, and are contained in one module for ease of installation. What's more, it's easy to upgrade existing LifeStarTMand earlier Vanner quasi-sine inverters to the LifeSine Pure Sine wave.

    Life Inverter Features
    • 1100 WATTS OF PURE SINE WAVE POWER - Precisely regulated to power today's most sensitive EMS equipment
    • 3-STAGE, 55 AMP BATTERY CHARGER - Compatible with sealed AGM, flooded lead-acid, and deep-cycle gel-cell batteries
    • INTEGRATED 20 AMP POWER SUPPLY - No additional DC power supply needed to operate checkout lights and other DC loads
    • CLEAN CONNECT DC RECEPTACLE - Provides secure DC connection and eliminates DC connection pigtail
    • SAFETY FIRST - UL Certified and designed to exceed GSA, NFPA, AMD, and CAAS GVS specifications and testing
    • STANDARD SIZE - Same compact footprint and bolt template as the Vanner LifeStar and earlier Vanner inverters
    • COMPATIBILITY - Works with existing LifeStar remote panels
    • LIGHTWEIGHT - Weighs only 9.20 pounds
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