Mastervolt 37024005 Mass Combi 24/4000-100 (120 V)

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    The Mastervolt Combi literally combines an advanced battery charger and silent-running inverter in one remarkably compact device. But that isnt all: it also adds extra functionality. This includes Power Assist, system paralleling and secondary battery charging. This makes the Combi your ideal solution for a wide range of needs, from low power recreational use right up to full-on, high power industrial applications.

    Versatility in power supply
    Every model of the Mastervolt Combi is highly versatile, so using one greatly simplifies installation. This single product not only brings you fast and complete charging of your starter and service batteries, it also provides a silent, robust and clean AC power supply. Multiple AC outputs allow heavy-draw items to be separated from the most critical equipment, making sure they dont unintentionally deplete your batteries. The AC inputs facilitate both mains and generator connections, which the Combi can support with additional power if your loads require more than either can provide. Essentially, just this one product can handle all the power requirements in an autonomous system.

    Modern technology
    The unique design of the Combi range is typically Mastervolt. Rather than installing heavy transformers, you can use our high-frequency technology for major benefits in terms of compact size, a lightweight chassis and silent running (there is no transformer hum).

    Perfect in a MasterBus system
    Designed for system compatibility, the Mastervolt Combi fits perfectly into a MasterBus system. The network will allow you to easily control and monitor your product, while also optimising the configuration to your needs. In addition, the internal communication between other MasterBus products in your system can even boost the overall electrical performance.

    Benefits of the Mass Combi
    • Compact, lightweight and no hum thanks to HF technology.
    • High yield and more power from your batteries.
    • Intelligent 3-step+ battery charger with low DC ripple current for fast charging times and long battery life.
    • Charges two individual battery banks simultaneously.
    • Quiet, powerful inverter with 200 % peak power.
    • Power Assist: extra power assistance from the batteries in case of limited grid or generator power (prevents blown fuses).
    • Pure sine wave energy prevents failures and damage to sensitive equipment such as adapters.
    • Dual AC outputs to separate critical equipment from heavy loads.
    • Higher yields possible via parallel switching (only 2500 W models).
    • Professional connections ensure fast installation and operational security.
    • CE approved and E-marking for mobile applications.
    • Product Specifications | Download
    Specifications sine wave inverter
    Nominal DC voltage24 V (19-31 V)
    Output voltage120 V (5 %), adjustable 90-135 V
    Output frequency60/50 Hz (0.05 %), configurable
    Output waveformtrue sine, Thd < 2.5 % under standard conditions
    Continuous power at 25 C / 77 F, cos phi 13750 W
    Max. peak load7500 W
    Max. efficiency 90 %
    Max. ripple on DC (battery at full load)< 5 %
    No-load power consumption on DC (ON/inverter OFF/OFF/energy saving)18 W / 0.2 W / 0 W / 1 W
    Parallel configurationno
    3-Phase configurationno
    Synchronise with mains/generatoryes
    Specifications battery charger
    Input voltage range90-135 V
    Max. input current29 A
    Max. charge current at 25 C / 77 F120 A at 28.5 V, adjustable
    Secondary charger output voltage24 V
    Secondary charger output current2x 5 A
    No-load power consumption on AC< 30 W
    Battery temperature sensoryes, included
    Battery voltage senseautomatic compensation
    Specifications transfer system
    AC input 150 A (25 A switched, to short break output)
    AC output 135 A (short break output)
    AC output 250 A (power output)
    AC input fuseyes, resettable
    Transfer speedhalf seamless (25 ms max., 10 ms typical)
    Transfer voltage range90-135 V
    Transfer frequency range45-65 Hz
    General specifications
    Display/read-outLED display
    Dimensions, hxwxd496 x 318 x 279 mm19.5 x 12.5 x 11.0 inch
    Weight21 kg46.3 lb
    ApprovalsCE, ABYC
    Technical specifications
    Charge characteristic3-step+ (IUoUo, fully automatic), Equalize
    Battery typesAGM/gel/MLI/flooded/spiral/traction
    Recommended battery capacity~ 200-600 Ah (based on gel batteries, may differ for other types)
    Ground relayyes, configurable
    Temperature range (ambient temp.)-25 C to 60 C, derating > 25 C-13 to 140 F
    Protection degreeIP23 (vertical mounting)
    Safety classIEC protection class I
    Humidity protectionconformal coating, max. 95 % relative humidity, non condensing
    Protectionsover temperature, over load, short circuit, high/low battery voltage
    Coolingmaintenance-free vario fans
    Power Assistyes
    MasterBus compatibleyes, in combination with a MasterBus Combi Interface

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