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CNBOU, B48P6000W-1, 6000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter CNBOU, B48P6000W-1, 6000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter CNBOU, B48P6000W-1, 6000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter CNBOU, B48P6000W-1, 6000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
CNBOU, B48P6000W-1, 6000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
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CNBOU, B48P6000W-1, 6000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

  • Model: B48P6000W-1
  • Manufactured by: CNBOU
  • Condition: New
  • Estimated Delivery: 3 to 4 Weeks
  • Lead Time To Ship May Vary
  • Price: $1,306.40  $1,045.12
    Widely used for solar and wind power generation system, vehicle (RV) system, outdoor working electric, household appliances, medical equipment emergency electricity, ship yacht electric etc.
    • Full 6000W Power , 2 Times Peak Power
    • Five Protection
    • High Transfer Efficiency
    • Excellent Appearance Design
    • Product Specifications | Download
    • Product Manual | Download
    CNBOU Pure Sine Wave Inverter Support 5 Type Protection
    • Low / Over Voltage
    • Overload
    • Over Temperature
    • Short Circuit
    • Input Oppose
    Product Character
    • LCD screen
    • Capacitive touch button
    • Original import MOS tube
    • RS485/8-pin RJ45 connector
    • Three stage Charging Control Model
    • Auto scan the light intensity to start or stop charging intelligently
    • Industrial fiberglass PCB board to ensure the good transmission loss
    Continuous Power6000W
    Surge Power12000W
    DC VoltageDC12VDC24VDC48VDC12VDC24VDC48V
    AC Voltage100VAC or 110VAC or 120VAC +5%220VAC or 230VAC or 240VAC +5%
    No Load Current Draw2.8A1.4A0.7A2.8A1.4A0.7A
    Frequency50HZ+0.5HZ or 60HZ+0.5HZ
    Wave FormPure Sine Wave
    AC RegulationTHD 3%(Linear load)
    USB Outlet5V 500MA
    Output efficiencyHighest94%
    DC Voltage Range10-15.5V20-31V40-61V10-15.5V20-31V40-61V
    Low Voltage Alarm10.5+0.5V21+0.5V42+1V10.5+0.5V21+0.5V42+1V
    Low Voltage Shut Down10+0.5V20+0.5V40+1V10+0.5V20+0.5V40+1V
    Over Voltage Shut Down15.5+0.5V31+0.5V61+1V15.5+0.5V31+0.5V61+1V
    Low Voltage Recovery13+0.5V24+0.5V48+1V13+0.5V24+0.5V48+0.5V
    Over Voltage Recovery14.8V+0.5V29.5V+0.5V59V+1V14.8V+0.5V29.5V+0.5V59V+0.5V
    ProtectionLow Voltage/Over VoltageLED Alarm and Automatic Recovery
    OverloadLED Alarm and Automatic Recovery
    Over TemperatureLED Alarm and Automatic Recovery
    Short CircuitLED Alarm and Automatic Recovery
    Input OpposeDiode or MOS FET
    Working Temperature-10- +50Quantity/Carton1pcs
    Storage Temperature-30- +70Carton Size643*300*235 (mm)
    Production Size557*199*145(mm)Carton Weight14(kg)
    Packing Size643*300*235 (mm)Warranty2 Years
    N.W/G.W(KG)11.5/14(kg)StartBipolar soft-start
    CertificationCE&ROSHCooling WayIntelligent Cooling Fan

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