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SnapNrack, 232-01464, SpeedSeal Track, 7-1/2in, Sealing, Mill
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SnapNrack, 232-01464, SpeedSeal Track, 7-1/2in, Sealing, Mill

  • Model: 232-01464
  • Manufactured by: SnapNrack
  • Condition: New
  • Estimated Delivery: Nov 30th - Dec 6th
  • In Stock
  • Price: $10.24  $7.88
    RL-U SpeedSeal Mount

    The SpeedSeal Track speeds the installation process by allowing installers to lag straight to a structural member with no in-between components, while eliminating damage to shingles from the installation process.The simple install process consists of locating a rafter, filling the sealant cavity and securing to the roof, at which point the RL Universal Mount can be immediately installed. The SpeedSeal Technology compresses sealant into shingle surfaces and lag hole, as the SpeedSeal Track is secured to the rafter. SpeedSeal technology saves installers time on the roof with less parts and less tools, while maintaining the integrity of the shingles. SpeedSeal Technology
    • Innovative design incorporates flashing reliability into a single roof attachment
    • Sealing cavity with compressible barrier secures sealant in place & fills voids
    • Sealant is compressed into cavity and lag hole as attachment is secured to rafter creating lasting seal
    • Maintains the integrity of the roof by eliminating the disruption of shingles - no more pry bar.
    • Lag straight to a structural member, no in-between components such as flashings or bases - simply locate rafter, fill sealant cavity & secure to roof.
    • Less Time. Less Parts. Less Tools

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