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Wagan Tech, 7556, JumpBoost V10 Air Wagan Tech, 7556, JumpBoost V10 Air Wagan Tech, 7556, JumpBoost V10 Air Wagan Tech, 7556, JumpBoost V10 Air Wagan Tech, 7556, JumpBoost V10 Air Wagan Tech, 7556, JumpBoost V10 Air Wagan Tech, 7556, JumpBoost V10 Air
Wagan Tech, 7556, JumpBoost V10 Air
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Wagan Tech, 7556, JumpBoost V10 Air

  • Model: 7556
  • GTIN: 00084367075567
  • Manufactured by: Wagan Tech
  • Condition: New
  • Estimated Delivery: Dec 2nd - Dec 8th
  • In Stock
  • Price: $237.51  $182.70
    JumpBoost V10 Air
    Ideally suited for everyday road warriors to weekend adventurists, the JumpBoost V10 Air is the perfect roadside companion for 4 cylinder to 10 cylinder gas engines.

    Taking up a minimal amount of space and handy to have while camping, tailgating, or for emergencies, the JumpBoost V10 Air is well suited to power your next adventure!

    Front Features On the front of the JumpBoost V10 Air you’ll find:
    • Air Inflator gauge (150 PSI)
    • COB LED Worklight
    • Battery Status Button
    • 4 LED Status Lights
    • 12V DC Accessory Socket (Cigarette Lighter Plug Receptacle)
    • Battery Charging Port
    • 2 USB Power Ports (2.4A Shared)
    • Air Compressor On/Off Switch
    Rear Features
    At the rear you’ll find an ample storage compartment that easily stores the included AC and DC Charging adapters + the included Air Inflator accessories.

    On the Bottom
    The smartly designed base holds the 24" long air hose with attached Schrader fill valve.

    No more fumbling around while trying to stuff an air hose into a tiny compartment, the JumpBoost Battery Jumper is designed to easily accommodate the air hose in the groove around its base.

    A Wagan Tech Original Design
    As part of our commitment to innovation and our customers, Wagan Tech designed the JumpBoost line to fill the "small and powerful jump starter" gap in the market. R&D and prototyping was completed in our Corporate HQ in Hayward, CA with a "built from the ground up" design that replaces those heavy, clunky, and cumbersome jumpers of yesterday. What we designed was a power supply that can fulfill the needs of modern users.

    Powering Your Life
    The Wagan Tech JumpBoost Battery Jumper with built-in air compressor is an amazing all-in-one portable unit that provides versatility and power exactly when you need it, whether it's on the road, at a campsite, at home, etc.

    Keep the JumpBoost Battery Jumper in your trunk and have confidence that you are prepared for a roadside emergency.

    With the JumpBoost Battery Jumper, you can inflate your own tires and jump start your weak or dead vehicle battery - that means never having to wait for a tow truck or flag down an unknown passerby.

    Quick List of Features
    • Jump Starter (Booster)
    • USB & 12V DC Power Supply
    • Air Inflator (Compressor)
    • LED Worklight
    • AC & DC Chargers included
    • Inflator Accessories Included
    • Great for Camping & Emergencies
    • Product Manual | Download
    Approximate Run Times (12V DC Socket)
    • Tool Charger (15W): 11.5 Hours
    • Cell Phone Charger (20W): 8.4 Hours
    • Digital Camera (30W): 5.3 Hours
    • 13" Color TV (70W): 1.9 Hours
    • Laptop (90W): 1.4 Hours
    • Worklight (100W): 1.2 Hours
    • Battery Jump starter: 1200 Peak Amps
    • Starting Amps: 400A
    • Battery: 12V SLA
    • Jumper cable gauge: 5 AWG, 24-inch
    • Air compressor: 150 PSI
    • Air compressor hose: 24 inches
    • Air pressure gauge: analog
    • Air hose nozzle adapter tips included
    • DC socket: 12V, 10A max
    • USB power ports: 2 @ 5V, 2.4A (shared)
    • Worklight: 60 Lumen LED
    • Voltmeter: 4 Stage LED
    • Dimensions LxWxH (in.): 12.8 x 7.2 x 10.6
    • Weight: 16.7 lbs
    Charging adapters included
    • Vehicle 12V DC (10A fused)
    • Home 110V AC (15V-500mAh output)
    Warranty: 1 year

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