Outback OBX-IC2024S (120/60Hz) Inverter/Charger

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  • Model: OBX-IC2024S
  • Manufactured by: Outback Power
  • Condition: New
  • Estimated Delivery: May 23rd - May 29th
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    The OutBack Extreme Series Inverter/Charger is all that its name implies. Built from exceptionally rugged components not available in regular commercial off-the-shelf" inverter/chargers, the water-resistant Extreme Series Inverter is designed to survive harsh environmental conditions including shock and vibration.

    The Extreme Series Inverter/Charger features intelligent battery charging and an integrated AC transfer relay with automatic neutral-ground switching for mobile applications. The mount anywhere design and silent operation, along with low-distortion pure sine wave power output, make them ideal for mobile electrical needs, and their ample surge capability can start multiple heavy loads simultaneously. Integrated building block architecture allows expanding a system from 2 to 36 kW, and user-defined settings allow systems operation at 120 VAC, 120/240 VAC or 120Y208 VAC three-phase by stacking multiple Extreme inverter/chargers together.

    Product Highlights
    • Pure sine wave power output
    • Water-resistant sealed chassis
    • Flexible mounting design
    • Intelligent battery charging
    • Integrated AC transfer relay
    • Product Manaul | Download
    Nominal DC Input Voltage24 VDC24 VDC24 VDC24 VDC
    Continuous Power Rating at 25C2000 VA2500 VA3500 VA2000 VA
    AC Voltage/Frequency120 VAC 60 Hz120 VAC 60 Hz120 VAC 60 Hz230 VAC 50 Hz
    Continuous AC RMS Output at 25C16.7 amps AC20.8 amps AC29.2 amps AC8.7 amps AC
    Full Idle Power20 Watts20 Watts20 Watts20 Watts
    Search6 Watts6 Watts6 Watts6 Watts
    Typical Efficiency92%92%92%92%
    Inverting Total Harmonic Distortion2%2%2%2%
    Output Voltage Regulation2%2%2%2%
    Peak Maximum Output Current70 amps AC70 amps AC70 amps AC35 amps AC
    RMS50 amps AC50 amps AC50 amps AC25 amps AC
    Surge AC Overload Capability6000 VA6000 VA6000 VA575000 VA
    5 Second4800 VA4800 VA5000 VA4800 VA
    30 Minutes3200 VA3200 VA4000 VA3100 VA
    AC Input Current Maximum60 amps AC60 amps AC60 amps AC60 amps AC
    AC Input Voltage Range (MATE Adjustable)80 to 150 VAC80 to 150 VAC80 to 150 VAC160 to 300 VAC
    AC Input Frequency Range54 to 66 Hz54 to 66 Hz54 to 66 Hz44 to 56 Hz
    DC Input Range21.0 to 34.0 VDC21.0 to 34.0 VDC21.0 to 34.0 VDC21.0 to 34.0 VDC
    Continuous Battery Charge Output55 amps DC55 amps DC85 amps DC55 amps DC
    Recommended Battery Cable#2/0 AWG#2/0 AWG#2/0 AWG#2/0 AWG
    Recommended Battery Types Flooded Lead Acid, AGM Gel
    Neutral Ground Bond SwitchingYesYesNoNo
    Temperature Range Rated  0C to 50C (power derated above 25)C 
    Maximum -25C to  60C (functions but does not necessarily meet all component specifications)
    Warranty Standard 1 year
    Unit Weight57.5 lbs (25kg)62 lbs (29kg)62 lbs (29kg)62 lbs (29kg)
    Shipping65 lbs (30kg)67 lbs (31kg)67 lbs (31kg) 67 lbs (31kg)
    Unit Dimensions (H x W x L) 13 x 8.25 x 16.25" (33 x 21 x 41 cm)
    Shipping 21.75 x 13 x 22" (55 x 33 x 56 cm)

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