Kaco ProLog M Monitoring and Data Logging

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  • Model: BP ProLog M TH
  • Manufactured by: Kaco
  • Condition: New
  • Estimated Delivery: May 25th - May 31st
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  • Price: $1,031.04  $859.20
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    Basic Features
    • Remote monitoring of the performance of KACO
    • inverters and external sensors via a web browser
    • Local monitoring - direct access to your PV data from a PC or laptop
    • Easily configure alarm criteria and receive email alarms if a problem occurs
    • Optional energy meter, irradiation sensor, temperature sensor and current sensor can be connected
    • Daily transmission of measured data and performance to an email address specified by the user
    • Data storage interval for average values can be set in the range from 5-60 minutes
    • Local data analysis can be downloaded through either the integrated Ethernet connection or the integrated Compact Flash slot
    • Connection of up to 32 KACO inverters per proLOG via RS485 interface
    • Display of device function via 6 LEDs in proLOG M, and 4 LEDs and an LCD display in the proLOG XL
    • Product Specifications | Download
    Additional Features
    • Graphical display of PV system data from the KACO blueplanet web server, such as total energy output
    • Display of all data logged by the KACO inverters: generator power, generator voltage, generator current,feed-in grid voltage, grid current and device temperature
    • Personalized alarm settings via KACO blueplanet web server or directly via the proLOG: Note ethernet network must allow emails to be sent
    • Reporting function for generating a database over a user-defined period of time
    • Worldwide access through KACO blueplanet web via any Internet connection (e.g. DSL, Cable)
    • Allows data charts to be integrated into your personal or company homepage
    ModelKaco proLog MKaco proLog XL
    proLOG data access viablueplanet web, Ethernet, or Compact Flash Card
    Number of inverters that can be connected3232
    Address range for each inverter1...321...32
    Data port for connecting inverter + sensorsRS485RS485
    Analog ports for connecting sensors14
    Digital ports for connecting sensors14
    Alarm or S0 ports11
    Display options6 LEDsLCD Display, 4 LEDs
    MemoryCompact Flash CardCompact Flash Card
    Data port for local analysisEthernetEthernet
    Data storage intervals5-60 minutes5-60 minutes
    Integrated transformerIncludedIncluded
    Technical Specifications
    Ambient operating temp32F - 131F
    Storage and transport-5F - 150F
    Electrical Specifications
    Current consumptionapprox. 4W
    External power supply120V
    Analog Inputs (customizable)0 VDC - 10 VDC 0mA - 20mA (Max load: 40mA / 3VDC) PT 1000 resetance testing
    Digital InputsLow = 0 VDC - 10 VDC High = 9 VDC - 24 VDC
    Digital OutputsOptocoupler output (max load: 70 VDC / 50 mA)
    Internal battery (for internal clock)Lithium Cell / Type Li2032
    Mechanical Specifications
    Enclosure Dimensions KACO proLOG9" x 8-1/8" x 3-1/8"
    EnclosureIP21 / NEMA 2 (indoor enclosure)
    Weight2 lbs

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