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Trojan Battery Company, 5SHP-GEL, Deep-Cycle Gel Battery

  • Model: 5SHP-GEL
  • Manufactured by: Trojan Battery Company
  • Condition: New
  • Estimated Delivery: Mar 6th - Mar 12th
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Manufacturer Info

Trojan Battery - the most trusted name in deep-cycle battery technology - also offers deep-cycle gel batteries.
  • Trojan's deep-cycle gel batteries are completely maintenance-free and require no watering.
  • Deep-cycle gel batteries provide customers long lasting runtime and battery life for the most demanding applications.
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Utilizing a proprietary gel formulation, Trojan's deep-cycle gel batteries provide longer cycle life than other gel technologies in heavy-duty applications, making it best in its class. Trojan deep-cycle gel batteries deliver rugged durability and consistent performance, offering a versatile alternative for use in applications requiring sealed batteries.

Trojan's deep-cycle gel line is a great complement to our flooded line where maintenance-free is a must, or environmental regulations mandate its use. The robust design makes Trojan deep-cycle gel batteries ideal for use in health and safety sensitive environments such as schools, hospitals, airports and office buildings.
5-Hr Rate20-Hr Rate100-Hr Rate100-Hr RateLengthWidthHeight C
Deep-Cycle GEL Batteries
2424-GEL6677851.0212 VOLT10.92(277)6.61(168)9.26(235)52(24)
2727-GEL76911001.2012 VOLT12.73(323)6.38(162)9.26(235)63(29)
3131-GEL851021081.3012 VOLT12.94(329)6.82(173)9.64(245)69(31)
DIN5SHP-GEL1101251371.6412 VOLT13.58(345)6.75(172)11.01(280)85(39)
GC26V-GEL1541891981.196 VOLT10.25(260)7.08(180)10.82(275)68(31)
DINTE35-GEL1802102201.326 VOLT9.64(245)7.51(191)10.65(271)69(31)
8D8D-GEL1882252653.1812 VOLT20.69(526)10.95(278)10.82(275)168(76)

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